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Welcome to the Coffee 506 Blog

This blog contains information about our special coffee along with tips about how to maintain and prepare 506 coffee. Visit us often!

5 Reasons Why People Love Coffee

At 506 Coffee, we produce some of the finest coffee available and we understand the best ways to enjoy it. Contact us for more information on the best ways to prepare our delicious coffee!

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Coffee 506 – The Perfect Gift

It is the time of year that we give thanks and appreciation to those near to us. Oftentimes it is difficult to identify the ideal gift to give a friend or colleague. The perfect gift should represent the same values as the relationship you have with that person and the gift must be one that will not disappoint the recipient in any way…

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Our Experience is in Every Cup!

Coffee 506 is a family-owned business in Costa Rica. Whether you are preparing the coffee purchased from our website or enjoying a cup at our coffee shop in Zona Franca, you are sharing our rich history and vast experience in providing gourmet coffee for coffee lovers all over the world…

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Welcome to the new Coffee 506 website!

Hello fellow coffee lovers! We have completely redeveloped our website to be easier to use and more informative for all of our viewers. Our new website is built on the Wordpress platform which gives us the ability to deliver a better online experience…

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Ulima Coffee Medium Roast

In this type of roast, the coffee qualities begin to open the way to flavors and aromas, creating a balance between acidity and body. They have a medium brown tone and tend to have a stronger flavor than light ones, although more balanced…

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Pili Coffee Dark Roast

In this type of roast, the roasted taste becomes predominant to any specific characteristic of any grain. In this roast, the grains become oily and shiny due to the caramelization of these. The acidity becomes practically non-existent and a burnt taste..

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Coffee 506 is in the AFZ

Coffee and pastries of the highest quality are now available in the AFZ with Coffee 506, a new coffee shop that offers export products produced in Costa Rica. Harvested in Naranjo and from 100% red beans, Coffee …

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