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Coffee 506 – The Perfect Gift

Dec 3, 2018

It is the time of year that we give thanks and appreciation to those near to us. Oftentimes it is difficult to identify the ideal gift to give a friend or colleague. The perfect gift should represent the same values as the relationship you have with that person and the gift must be one that will not disappoint the recipient in any way. Our coffee is the perfect gift to give anyone in this special time.

Here are four reasons why coffee from Coffee 506 makes the ideal gift in the holiday season!

1) Coffee lovers span the globe!

It is a fact that more than 80% of all people across the planet enjoy a cup of coffee. We can imagine that this percentage is even higher in countries such as Costa Rica or the United States where consumers appreciate high-quality coffee. If you are hosting or participating in a private or corporate event, chances are the vast majority enjoy a cup of rich coffee.

2) Low Cost

It is true that someone can spend over $50 for a few ounces of Kopi Luwak, but the typical coffee connoisseur does not drink such expensive coffee on a regular basis. Our Costa Rican coffee is high-quality and affordable in any world market.

3) The Ease of Gifting

We will ship our coffee to your friends, family members, or colleagues wherever they may be!

4) Special Pricing for Events

We want to be a part of your special event in this season of love and giving. For this reason, we are offering special pricing for orders for such events. Whether your event is large or small, contact us today so that we may help your event to be the most special this year!

This year, tell the people near to you how you appreciate them by sending them Costa Rica coffee from Coffee 506!


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